Monday, December 29, 2014

A bit on the side

well I have still got a lot to paint for 40k but one of the changes in life for me has seen me move away from 40k I have only played one game since the 6th ed book dropped, still have all the models and keep painting as i like the background but i mave been involved in mantic games. at this moment they have not released warpath there scifi game but still have models from the first edition. they have games that include deadzone and dreadball all set in this time line. So i have been building my 40k army with units from mantic ( one of the reason was cost, i live in Australia so when they put an enbargo on use i needed a cheap option, ) so I am going to start to share photo I paint for these games as they are also models I use in my 40k army. It lets you know i am still painting.

one of the armies I am building in the mantic universe will be forge father - the squats - and will use them as a regiment of IG.

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